Why do I blog about urban poverty?

Welcome to Ruurbanpoor. This is a blog about Urban Poverty. If you’re poor or low income you’re often confronted with invisibility in America, right? You probably don’t buy many things so you’re  not invited to the conversation.  Because there’s little balanced and authentic information about your life and viewpoints there’s a tendancy to perceive you through an inaccurate and sometimes distorted lens. I’m creating this blog to provide a place for visibility of your issues, your lifestyles, and policies that impact your well being.

I’m not  poor. I don’t speak for anyone in persistent poverty or anyone living under the poverty line. I live at approx 230% of the poverty line  (as it’s defined today) when I’m getting full time work and don’t have large unexpected bills dragging my income down.  If my unstable wages, sudden bills, and unexpected financial demands were taken into consideration the reality of my financial experience might be closer represented by poverty definitions. Like me, many people are hanging on the edge and are locked out of support because of antiquated definitions.

In my city, more than 12% of  residents  live at the poverty line according to 2009 Census figures though this is a city of considerable wealth with a median income level at $57,000. Here’s a  map of the distribution of poverty in my city, Seattle, and county, King County.  I hope you’ll participate in this blog and let us know what poverty looks like in your city.

You may find some of my blogs naive or written on topics of “old news.”  You may have been aware, for instance, of the inadequacy of the poverty line for years. You and people forced into anonymity as statistics may be too familiar with the volume of needs and the demographics of hardship. I offer this blog as someone exploring this world, close to this world and wanting  to better understand. Want to help? Send me your feedback.

Behind the creation of this blog are generous friendships that keep my life stable and enrich each day. I hope you enjoy and learn from Ruurbanpoor. Most of all I hope you participate!

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