Things Must Change from poet Justin Jordan

October 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Occupy movement, which began in New York last month as Occupy Wall Street, is capturing the imagination and passion of many people tired of an inequitable economy and corporate excesses in our nation. Saturday, Oct 15, people marched in more than 80 countries in solidarity. The movement is leaderless, diverse, and decentralized.  Occupy Wall street’s blog claims that more than 1oo US cities are now “occupied.”

I visited with poet, Justin Jordan, at the Occupy Seattle site the week of October 15th.  Here is his poem:

Things Must Change”

The whole country feels like a sinking ship
and that’s why people are starting to trip
Politicians give themselves pay raises but
it’s time for their asses to take a pay cut
You working hard to pay the bills
you start to worry then you fall ill
Some doctors won’t see you without insurance
they say you’ll make it off endurance
The health of this nation
is the wealth of this nation
People are losing their homes and jobs
Peaceful protest turn into an angry mob
Look at our government for a minute
their up to their necks in it
A government of the people I don’t think so
because for big business
our government is a ho
I pledge allegiance to the flag
yo I ain’t tryin to hear that drag
They sent our jobs overseas
high unemployment is the result
of this dastardly deed
Services to help those in need
are being cut to further big business greed
The courts are stripping our freedoms away
The national debt we’ll never pay
They put more burdens on our backs
The more they spend the more they tax
Things continue as they did
at the beginning
but things must change
or we’ll have an unhappy ending
More poems by Justin Jordan include “Soulless City” and  “Lamentation for Haiti

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