Mental Health and Economics by Aaron Crosetto

November 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

If we want to actively keep our freedoms, then we must educate ourselves continually to stay on top of the issues we hold most dear in a democracy.  We all owe a great debt to those willing to occupy Wall Street and hold these Wall Street criminals to task.  But people involved on any level also may feel a bit of impotence in our current global union to really be able to get politicians to make change.

Obama said, It is up to the people. Well, we have spoken and continue to speak.  Yet, the wealth for the top 1 % keeps multiplying and we are left with fewer and fewer crumbs.  Money rules all voting, not the people’s vote.  This is the implied message being spread everywhere.

Even back in  1890, a populist orator Mary Elizabeth Lease said, “Wall Street owns the country…our laws are the output of a system which clothes rascals in robes and honesty in rags.  The political parties lie to us and the political speakers mislead us…Money rules.”

Corporations, banks and governments are working against the common people and what is left of our welfare.  This causes psychological suffering on pandemic levels.  Sadly, our president is in bed with these destroyers of democratic hope.  Politicians nothing but money launderers.  The corporations see to this.  On top of it all, the wealthiest barely pay any taxes.  Corporations are also paying politicians to kill any and all legislation that might help the common soul. Those trying to help the poor and middle class become marginalized and easily defeated.  Except perhaps by large and small groups like Occupy Wall Street. Bill Moyers writes, “The most consisitent predictor of mental illness, infant mortality, educational achievements, teenage births, homicides, and incarceration, is economic inequality.”

“Vast inequalities of income weakens a society’s sense of mutual concern…The sense that we are all members of the social order is vital to the meaning of civilization,” Nobel laureate economist Kenneth Arrow observed. It is private interest over public duty.  These immense stressors spark mental illness and the depletion of health for everyone but the wealthy who have the riches to help with psychiatry, medicine and counseling.  The treacherous nature of economic crashes and strain and painful toil hurt our health and take our sanity and strengths to lower and lower levels as people desperately try to survive in the wreckage of our society’s social security net which they so need to survive.  Mental health equals quality of life that needs support from the top 1% in today’s stratification of wealth to survive unless by some miracle wealth can be redistributed properly, including through progressive taxation of the wealthy classes.  If this does not happen, the rubble we find ourselves within in America is not unlike that of the book Lord of the Flies. This is a world where no quality of life is possible and would mean death to many.  This would be the end to what we know as mental health.  Please let’s keep up the struggle for human rights and occupying Wall Street, government and banking not just in America but the whole of the world.

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